Making constraints beautiful.


I believe in a future where people have the freedom and autonomy to design, create, and live their lives to their fullest potential. One where a woman can have a family, be a creator, run a business, and take her nursing child along for the ride everyday, which is what I do.

I’m thrilled to have co-founded, produce, and perform at CumbiaSazo, the largest “tropical bass” dance party in the US with my partner; our manifestation of collaborating with others to create the fun, diverse & healed world we want to live in.

Whether through business or art, my life’s work entails bringing emotional intelligence and thoughtful, authentic leadership to my roles while also being a true autodidactic and forever learner & teacher. Currently my intentions are to help my family thrive, further explore my creativity, and stabilize and scale the company I’m at. In the process I hope to hone my instincts and grow my rare and valuable skills so that I can be a better agent of change for that future I envision.

I hold to the truth once told to me that “We need healers in the world and the best healers are those that have healed themselves.” I strive to be a healed leader.


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Some Things About Me


Three kids (10, 8, 10 months)

Launched Movement Apparatus 2018

Became CEO during maternity leave 2017


Independent Consultant 2014-16


Reconciled All My Shit through therapy & deep work 2014-15

Co-Founded CumbiaSazo 2011

National Outdoor Leadership School 2011


“My advisor is my gut”
- Russ, Do It Myself